The Campaign for Wool is a global initiative that aims to highlight wool as a fibre that is an eco-friendly, comfortable, fashionable and durable option to cheaper and more disposable alternatives. As New Zealand is a country founded on sheep farming, supporting the Campaign for Wool is as natural as the fibre itself.

Campaign for Wool Global Story

The Campaign for Wool was initiated in October 2008 by His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, who had observed that the wool industry was facing enormous and unprecedented challenges.

Research commissioned by HRH The Prince of Wales, who himself is the United Kingdom’s most significant sheep farmer, suggested that wool and its outstanding characteristics had been forgotten due to the rise in popularity of synthetic fibres and the rush to embrace all things new.

As a serious environmentalist, the Prince believes that the natural, sustainable and highly technical abilities of wool can offer fashion, interiors and the built environment a host of superior benefits, while helping to care for the planet.

Following on from his success in popularising mutton as a premium product, HRH The Prince of Wales then convened a meeting at Clarence House with a diverse group of stakeholders with a connection to wool – from sheep experts to wool marketers, wool traders to fashion designers and carpet manufacturers.

Out of this initial meeting grew the Campaign for Wool – a multi-national, multi-sector and inclusive campaign with all sectors working together in unprecedented harmony to promote and champion wool.

Members of the Global Campaign for Wool Executive include representatives from the International Wool and Textile Organisation (IWTO), The British Wool Marketing Board, Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) , New Zealand CFW Trust (NZCFWT) and Cape Wools South Africa.

Together, CFW has brought wool to the forefront of the consumers’ mindset by hosting annual Wool Weeks in the UK and around the globe. Other global campaigns and events include Wool House at Somerset House in London, One Wool and Green sheep campaigns in the USA, The Architecture Biennale in Venice, Wool BnB in London and the inaugural Dumfries House Wool conference held in Scotland.

The Campaign for Wool in New Zealand was officially launched at the spectacular “Shear Brilliance” event held in Wellington in June 2011.  Since then the campaign has hosted several major wool events and hosted Prince Charles at a 2012 Shear Brilliance event as a part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration and again in 2014 when he opened the New Zealand Wool In Schools Programme. Currently the NZ campaign includes a strategic focus on wool in education and integration into USA promotions.