On Sunday, September 24th the British daily, the Guardian published an article: ‘Forget fur – is it time to stop wearing wool?’ by Paula Cocozza.

This was the CFW response:

‘The piece in the Guardian was a rehash of some rather odd, old news. Cruelty to animals in the wool growing countries of the world is a very serious crime and were it ever to be detected, would be dealt with instantly and severely. Over 500 companies working in wool, representing more than a million people employed in the industry, recommitted themselves to the highest standards of welfare by signing the Dumfries House Declaration in September 2016, which is available on line for all to see. Tolerance in the wool trade of anyone suspected of abuse is, and always has been, zero.’

Peter Ackroyd
President, International Wool Textile Organisation


World TV Group picked up on the article and our very own Renata Apatu got to explain…

To get to our interview you’ll need to scroll through to 16.30 or 17:28.